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Posted by matttarrant on June 2, 2018

Marketing campaign gone wrong?

Here’s the process to fix it without getting bogged down in the details

Something will go wrong sometime. This is the process to follow – so you don’t get bogged down. It’s not a tutorial in, say, headline writing, or landing page design. You could also think of these tips as marketing campaign best practices marketing campaign workshop for failing campaigns!

The 4 Pillars – Marketing Campaign Elements

marketing campaign elements

Marketing Campaign Elements

Marketing campaigns can get quite complex. But we can simplyfy them to make it easier to fix. Assuming you’re sending cold traffic to an opt in page to get emails, then sending emails to engage and warm up your prospects, before sending them to a sales page. That’s just 4 elements.

It’s often simpler with warm/hot traffic: engagement-> sales.

With low price sales it could be traffic-> sales)

What’s interesting is the profitability of the campaign – not the internal metrics like opt ins or sales – although these tell you where to look.

Let’s look at problems in each pillar in turn…

No Traffic

If you’re not getting traffic – assuming you’re buying ads – it must be the ad copy or targeting or both. One good thing – no traffic, no cost – if you’re paying for clicks!

Don’t worry about impressions – look at clicks and cost per click.

Fix by changing ad content and/or targeting.

Start with content. On interrupt media (like Facebook and YouTube) the headline and media must grab attention. For example, on Facebook, colourful and B&W graphics stand out against the washed out colors.

On AdWords, match the headline to the keyword – one reason not to use a broad match.

If this doesn’t fix it look at the targeting.

Think of developing a customer avatar to check you know your clients as well as you think.

On Facebook consider opening-up the targeting and then looking at the demographics of those who do click.

On AdWords check the intent behind the keyword – does it match the copy? If targeting “how to x” then headline “lowest cost x” isn’t it.

No Opt Ins

If you’re attracting cold traffic and getting less than 20% op ins somethings wrong. If it’s warm traffic – for example you’re getting people who know you to opt in to a new list, expect 50%.

First check the layout – if you can’t recognise good layout hire a designer to review it

Next test different headlines.

Then test title of the bribe.

Make sure the design, especially the colors, and the headline match the ad – so the prospect feels that he’s arrived at the right place.

Warm Up Leaving Them Cold

So now you’re sending out emails to the new people on your list. If less than 5% open the emails and less than 15% of those click on your call to action, there’s a problem.

So check: are your emails getting delivered, is the list up to date, are they opening your emails, are they clicking?

If not opened – fix subject line and first sentence.

If not clicking – fix body copy.

No sales

Many people think that this means simply changing copy.

But… first make sure that people want what you’re selling, then that the offer is structured correctly, then last of all, the copy.

It’s hard to self-diagnose the first problem (do people want what you’re selling). After all, you wouldn’t have made an offer that you don’t think people want.

If your product or service is selling elsewhere, make sure that your message (ad, opt in, warm up) is aligned to it – that you’re sending interested people to you sales page.

If you’re not already selling, and it’s not selling here, then talk to some people who you think will want it and see what they say. In extreme, try giving it away! It could be the price – so try doubling and halving the price and see what happens.

So no you’re sure that people want what your selling, and that your messaging is aligned, check the structure of the offer. There are many ways – here’s one from John Carlton via Frank Kern:

  • Here’s what it is
  • Here’s what it will do for you
  • Here’s how it does it
  • Here’s what I need you to do now
  • Here’s why you should do it now
  • Here’s why it’s safe and smart (guarantee)
  • Add bonuses (optional)
  • Add scarcity (optional)
  • Recap what you’ve just said

You need all these elements. You can add in testimonials or proof too.

Finally, if it’s something people want, you have a good offer structure, work on the copy.

I know that’s a little like starting your rabbit stew recipe with first catch your rabbit, but this is a sales-debugging-process, not a copy writing course. Still, start with the headline. Test alternatives. Here are two simple formulae:

How to x without y

X ways to do y (in z time)

After the headline, work on the opening paragraph. A classic to model is: “if you want to do x, this is the most important letter you’ll ever read”

Layout and design matters.

But that’s for another post.

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